Wedding Photography

Candid Love, Captured Forever.


Welcome to a space where wedding planning gets a little easier, and choosing the perfect photographer feels like a natural step. Marlatt Photography is here to make your wedding photography experience as smooth as that first dance move you'll nail. I understand the pressures of planning a wedding – it's exhilarating but can also get a bit overwhelming. My goal is to take some of that weight off your shoulders. From capturing those candid, unplanned moments to ensuring your smiles are genuine and your laughter is contagious, I've got you covered. Let's make your wedding photography journey enjoyable, so you can focus on creating memories while I capture them. Your story deserves to be told beautifully, and I'm here to make sure it happens effortlessly.

How it all works?

Complimentary Engagement included in wedding package

Let's make memories even before the big day arrives! Our complimentary engagement session isn't just about capturing stunning photos; it's a chance for us to connect, have some fun, and break down any camera-shyness barriers. This relaxed session is all about getting comfortable in front of the lens while creating genuine moments that reflect your love story. No pressure, just pure enjoyment and a sneak peek into how beautifully your wedding memories will unfold.


Wedding Consultation

Let's kickstart our journey with a friendly chat! Scheduling a consultation call is all about getting to know each other better and ensuring that we're a perfect match for your big day. This call isn't about contracts or commitments; it's about having an open conversation where you can share your ideas, expectations, and any questions you might have. I'm excited to hear your story and understand what makes your day unique. Let's connect, break the ice, and see how we can bring your wedding dreams to life together. Schedule your call today, and let's start creating memories.


Bridal Shoot

Picture this: a dedicated bridal shoot where you step into the spotlight before the wedding day busyness. We understand the importance of those stunning wedding photos, and that's why we offer this unique opportunity. During this session, you're the star, and we focus on capturing your radiance without the rush. By getting those perfect shots beforehand, we ensure you have the freedom to fully enjoy your wedding day without any stress about photo schedules. Let's create a collection of breathtaking images that tell your story beautifully, allowing you to relish every moment of your wedding day to the fullest.


Wedding Day

Your wedding day is here, and together, we're ready to create magic. Thanks to our previous interactions, we're already familiar with each other, making it effortless to capture those genuine moments. Our goal isn't just to take beautiful photos, but to make you feel confident and at ease throughout the day. As you celebrate, we'll be discreetly in the background, expertly documenting each scene. Our focus is on capturing the essence of your day—the genuine emotions, the stolen glances, and the heartfelt laughter—all while you shine at the forefront. This is your time, and we're here to ensure it's preserved beautifully.


kind words

Riana & Christian

Christie was very professional and so much fun to work with!! We were looking for a talented photographer who fit our vibe and especially had experience shooting at Mt. Rainier. Christie did not disappoint! We were very drawn to her high quality photos and talent. She was very genuine and made things super easy and comfortable the entire shoot. She was also very creative and chose such great views and angles to get the perfect shot. The pictures turned out incredible and we can't wait to put them up in our home. We would definitely recommend Christie to anyone who needs an amazing photographer!!